The participating search portal (ECAS) is the online system used for all communication with the EC and the submission of all documents necessary to launch and manage your project. From the beginning of the project, the portal will be used to monitor the progress of the project through continuous and periodic reports. Here you will report on the progress of the project, including information on the state of benefits, steps, work packages and finances. It is worth taking the time to discover this portal, as there are many features and options to use during the grant phase and the continuation of the project. In addition to the grant agreement, it is mandatory for all beneficiaries to sign a consortium agreement. Each consortium must define its own structures and rules that meet its specific requirements. In order to support the preparation of your specific consortium agreement, ERA-LEARN provides a model for the ERA-NET Cofund consortium agreement. The model is based on LESCA. Desca 2020 is a global agreement of the Model Consortium for Horizon 2020. It was launched by the main players of the 7th PC and updated for Horizon 2020, in agreement with the PC community, and provides a reliable framework for project consortia. grant agreements with UN organizations, NGOs and Red Cross and Red Crescent movements are prepared by the national offices of the OCHA (humanitarian funding unit).

The grant agreements are signed by the HC and the meter signed by the authorized representative of the partner, as indicated in the GMS stagecoach module. The grant agreements are then sent to OCHA HQ/FCS for final approval and signature by the OPA (or a duly delegated official). Grant agreements must be submitted by the fund manager to OCHA HQ/FCS through the GMS. The grant agreement with the EC is set up by a specific model subsidy agreement. This model contains specific annexes for financial forms, a budget commitment form and a model for establishing the use of the previous pre-financing tranche. A Grant Agreement model is also available for download. This file contains details of the main financial provisions of the Model Grant Agreement (MGA). The Annotated Model Grant Agreement includes all Horizon 2020 grants. The specific section of the ERA-NET Cofund is available in Chapter V (page 574 and below). If the consortium has decided not to sign its grant during the pre-grant phase, it can initiate the termination process through the IT tool for grant management. Look at the detailed screens and descriptions in the termination before signing the grant. Please use the My Projects website of the promotion and tender portal to prepare your grant by entering the necessary data and signing your online grant contract.

This data will also be available in PDF format. Catalyze offers you the opportunity to remain totally insensible throughout the grant agreement phase (and during the rest of the project). We help grant agreements when submitting a proposal – so you can start your project without having to worry about administrative details. In addition, we can provide project management services throughout the project. congratulations! You have received a Horizon 2020 scholarship. Before you can start working on the project, you need to complete the final preparatory stages of the grant agreement phase.