If the delivery plan is available, provision can automatically establish the delivery plan. In the “Manage Commands” app, you can create an order. Creating an order directly from ME21N, which refers to an appropriate document, is the quickest and least complicated way to do so. If you want to skip the ME58 or any other step not necessary, you can create a command with ME21N directly. This is mainly used by MM users, and the process is described below – No need to create PO for Sch Aggr. The timing of obtaining supply. Pls you will find below the Sch aggr Process Outline-Accord is a long-term sales contract between seller and customer. The structure agreement includes two types: The main difference between the contract and its is that the volume of documents generated in the contract would be higher, because each time you have a ref PO. the contract must be drawn up and its agreement tedious, while SA can be integrated into the provision, so that it automatically establishes delivery plans during the implementation procedure, provided there is a requirement for the Matl. PO is an agreement between the company and a supplier to supply the goods at an agreed rate and on an agreed date (interval time). It also includes payment terms and delivery conditions.

You don`t need to make an order for the delivery plan. You can directly create a GR for this agreement. Just make sure that the GR date is exactly the expected delivery date if you prove the delivery plan. SA is also an agreement with the seller for the delivery of matl, can be a quantity or a value. Delivery dates are maintained in ITS SA`s ME38 ref, which are referred to as delivery plans. This allows you to manage the delivery plan and communicate the credit carrier on the basis of Forecase or JIT. And if you need a little more matl, then only SA deliveries are created with ME38. SA can be 2 types:- without an exit documentation system, delivery information is transmitted to the supplier as soon as you have registered the document. You establish a delivery contract with the Vendor.ME31L delivery contract is a long-term sales contract in which you set delivery plans whenever there is a change in need or predetermined time intervals. The delivery plan can be made on time/day/week/monthly. But it will contain different areas, z.B.

Enterprise/Tradeoff/Forecast. Fixed zone plans are confirmed requirement and must be taken by the designated party. The trading area is the purchase of raw carpets and the customer is required to pay the costs of the raw material in case of cancellation of the requirements. The requirement of the forecast area is to help the lender plan its requirements. At the item level, there is an option to add elements to another document. However, there are only order, information or sales contract options. We don`t see an option to add an item to an order request, as this can be done in the SAP ME21N transaction or the “Create a Command Project” app. With exit documentation – after setting delivery times, you need to create an SA version with ME84. The delivery plan is one of the types of orders. It defines the agreement between the lender and the company similar to the order. For each delivery plan, the delivery plan is required to indicate the delivery plan. Is it possible to create an order from a command request in the “Manage Orders” app? HiU can only establish delivery plans for delivery plans with the E38regardsrobert contract The contract is a draft contract and does not contain delivery dates for the equipment.